Sampling Science & Technology (SST) is a free publication for the sampling community, providing a communications platform for all interested in the theory and practice of representative sampling and blending. SST aims both to serve the world sampling community and to disseminate awarenes of proper sampling practices to all other interested parties in science, technology, industry, commerce, as well as to supervising and regulating authorities.

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It‘s Time for Something Different.
Sampling Science and Technology (SST):
A New Home for TOS forum

You have just opened the inaugural issue of Sampling Science and Technology (SST), the new scientific magazine published by the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association (IPGSA). Welcome!

Why this new magazine?
The reason is very sad. In late April 2023, IPGSA’s Publisher since 2013, Ian Michael of IM Publications OPEN, unexpectedly passed away, succumbing to leukemia. This tragedy threw the fate of TOS forum and the regular SAMPLING column in Spectroscopy Europe into unknown territory as it quickly became clear that IPGSA could not expect a direct continuation of these outlets from our decade long publishing house. A tribute to Ian Michael and his invaluable support for the development of IPGSA can be found in this issue.

However, after ~20 years of organised work for the world sampling community, the time has also come for a revision of the scope and responsibilities of IPGSA, as set out in the article in this issue by Claudia Paoletti, IPGSA vice-president.

As part of this re-alignment, the Editor of both TOS Forum and the SAMPLING column decided to amalgamate these publication outlets into the new publication: Sampling Science and Technology (SST), which defines itself squarely in-between a [...]

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About the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association

Sampling Science and Technology (SST) is published by the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association (IPGSA). The purpose of IPGSA is to oversee formal activities of the world sampling community and to represent the views of this community.

The Association is a common-interest, unincorporated association of individuals solely associated for the common purpose of promoting the interests of the international sampling community and its various activities.

About the Editor

Kim H. Esbensen

Sampling Science & Technology (SST) is edited by Professor Kim H. Esbensen. Esbensen is an international expert and consultant in sampling (Theory of Sampling, TOS), chemometrics and PAT (Process Analytical Technology).

Through a 35-year academic career involving three professorships, he has conducted R&D across a wide range of application fields, primarily in process industries (mining, minerals extraction and processing, bio-fuels, recycling, environmental monitoring, nuclear waste) in environmental science a.o. In 2015 he established an international consultancy (KHE Consulting) from which he is also a dedicated contributor to IPGSA's educational outreach.

How to contribute

Sampling Science & Technology welcomes all didactic etudes, practical perspectives, illustrative case histories, as well as the occasional theoretical article aimed at the professional sampling community and all other stakeholders.

Papers in SST are published under Creative Commons licences ensuring that authors retain copyright in their work. Using the CC BY-SA license we make sure that credit must be given to the authors and adaptations must be shared under the same terms.

If you are interested in contributing to SST please contact the editor at

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