Simon C. Dominy

Dr Simon Dominy is a mining geologist-engineer with over 25 years’ experience based in operations, consulting and academia. He has a background in mine operations and technical/leadership roles, [...]

Kim H. Esbensen

Dr Kim H. Esbensen has been research professor in Geoscience Data Analysis and Sampling at GEUS, the National Geological Surveys of Denmark and Greenland (2010– 2015), chemometrics and sampling [...]

Dominique Francois-Bongarcon

Dominique François-Bongarçon graduated as a Mining Engineer and holds a Doctorate in Mining Sciences and Techniques at the Geostatistics Center from the Paris School of Mines (Paris Tech). He [...]

Janice C. Graham

Janice C. Graham has over 16 years’ experience working in the mining industry, gaining experience in a variety of commodities and deposits, using different mining software packages (Datamine, [...]

Claudia Paoletti

Claudia Paoletti did her Master in Biological Science at the University of Rome (Italy) and her PhD in Plant Genetics at the University of Connecticut, USA. She was for three years at Dalhousie [...]

Saranchimeg Purevgerel

Saranchimeg (Saraa) Purevgerel has experience in exploration, resource development and mining investment across several commodities including coal, copper-gold, copper, gold, fluorite, and iron [...]

Alan Rawle

Alan Rawle has had around almost 50 years’ experience in various aspects of science and technology. Alan has a degree in industrial chemistry and a Ph.D in supported alloy catalysts both [...]

Duncan Aldwin Vogel

Duncan Aldwin Vogel (born in the Netherlands, 13 October 1973) is a global expert in weighing, sampling and testing of traded commodities. Already during his study in business management at the [...]