Kim H. Esbensen

Dr Kim H. Esbensen has been research professor in Geoscience Data Analysis and Sampling at GEUS, the National Geological Surveys of Denmark and Greenland (2010– 2015), chemometrics and sampling professor at Aalborg University, Denmark (2001– 2015), professor (Process Analytical Technologies) at Telemark Institute of Technology, Norway (1990–2000 and 2010–2015). From 2015 he phased out a 35 year academic career for a new quest as consultant and independent researcher. But as he could not terminate his love for teaching, he is regularly active as an international visiting, guest and affiliate professor. A geologist/geochemist/metallurgist/data analyst of training, he has been working 20+ years in the forefront of chemometrics, but since 2000 has devoted most of his R&D to the theme of representative sampling of heterogeneous materials, processes and systems: Theory of Sampling (TOS), PAT (Process Analytical Technology) and chemometrics. He is a member of several scientific societies and has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers and is the author of a widely used textbook in Multivariate Data Analysis, which was published in its 6th edition in 2018. He was chairperson of the taskforce behind the world’s first horizontal (matrix-independent) sampling standard DS3077 (2013), 3.rd.ed. soon to be inducted as an ISO standard. In 2020 he published the foundational „Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling“. Since 2013, he was editor of TOS forum and Spectroscopy Europe/World „Sampling Column“, from 2024 amalgamated and metamorphosed into „Sampling Science and Technology (SST).

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